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Thank YOU!!!


We're so thankful to those who participated in 5K Resolution in 2015. Please navigate the menu above to view the event results and give us your honest feedback!


A note about MEDALS.  In 2015, we gave a custom medal for all race participants at the finish line.  Moving forward, 5K Resolution will only provide the custom medal for all participants.  


We had 35 First 5K medals left over from 2014.  Given the limited quantity, we thought it would be nice to give them to the First 5K participants who were age 17 and under.  We apologize that there was some confusion during on-site packet pick up about who was getting that medal, but the special medals were only intended for children.  


Click PHOTOS in the menu to view the official race photos.  Visit Facebook, Twittter and Instagram (slide show below) to see some of the  photos and video from volunteers and participants.  

January 2, 2016 Crocker Park

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